ISBDC Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity Courses Free To Indiana Businesses

The Indiana Small Business Development Center has partnered with Delta Research and Purdue University to create courses to assist Indiana businesses adapt to the increasingly digital world.

With COVID, many businesses have had to adopt this digital transformation very quickly with little time to address how digital transformation affects business strategy and security.

Indiana businesses may take these courses at no cost! Find eligibility requirements and additional details in the flyer image below.

The course list:

  • Strategy, Risk and Security in Digital Transformation (4 hour seminar)
  • Applying Digital Tools to Your Business Operations (online, self-guided)
  • Cybersecurity for Your Business (online, self-guided)

There are currently 175 total seats available. Please register as soon as they are able as these courses are available on a first come, first served basis. An individual business may only have one person enrolled in each course (up to 3 courses, 3 separate employees), but businesses are encouraged to screen share.

For questions or assistance, contact ISBDC’s Douglas Rapp at or Jenny Thinnes at


ISBDC Digital Transformation flyer