City of Batesville: A place where you can Craft Your Life

Craftsmanship is in our blood.  We are proud of our history, but the best is yet to come.

We are home to the original entrepreneur.  Our local businesses have grown into global organizations.  Two public companies were founded here and we have multiple employers that can boast an international presence.  Our proximity to three international airports provides our residents and businesspeople easy access to wherever they need to go.

Our school systems, both public and private, can match or beat the best schools anywhere.  We see where the future is heading and we will be the first ones there.  Our schools have implemented leading practices to become the gold standard for technology, business partnering, technical skills building, and foreign language learning.  We are the first public school in Indiana with a Chinese language immersion program.  We provide small class sizes and innovative learning opportunities that enable our children to pursue whatever passion they wish.

Batesville understands the value of a qualified workforce.  Batesville serves as an economic development driver for our area by providing opportunities for executives seeking professional positions while creating a qualified workforce pipeline by sharing a close partnership with post-secondary educational opportunities through the local Ivy Tech Community College.

Our community cares.  Our non-profit organizations have been recognized throughout the state and nation for their excellence.  The Rural Alliance for the Arts and beautification league, among others, bring arts and cultural activities that rival cities many times our size.  Our health and wellness facilities, including Margaret Mary Hospital, offer leading technologies and accreditations and have been received numerous awards for their performance and care.  Batesville has beautiful nature trails, dog parks, a country club, and the largest YMCA in Southeastern Indiana.

You can enjoy peace and pace in Batesville.  You can pursue your passion for business or trade, whether it be wood carving, metal forming, or developing a global sales strategy.  In Batesville, you can craft your life the way you want.


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