Affordable Utilities: Powering Your Success

Indiana is known for its abundant and affordable utilities, and the I-74 Corridor is no exception. Much of the region sits atop the Teays Aquifer system, ensuring a nearly unlimited supply of clean, high-quality water for businesses like food processors and beverage makers that have significant water needs.

Energy-intensive businesses will also find what they need here; including affordable electricity throughout the I-74 Corridor.  Duke Energy and Hoosier Energy, along with a well-established network of rural electric cooperatives and municipal power companies, provide consistent electrical supplies on which businesses can rely. They also offer on-site substations, redundant feeds, and building loops to meet even the most demanding needs. Businesses can also take advantage of energy-saving programs and incentives to help drive down operating costs at their facility.

Businesses will benefit from abundant gas supplies transferred over a modernized and reliable infrastructure system at affordable rates from Vectren Energy Delivery – the region’s primary supplier – and a number of other regional gas providers.

Distribution centers and office operations that require state-of-the-art broadband access will find 80 miles of opportunity here to get plugged in.  Our Internet providers offer high-speed access fully capable of meeting and exceeding the needs of most any business today.

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